Insurance Renewal Special Offers for February and March Credit Scoring

Hi, my name is Chun.

I want to invite you to take a look at our special offers for February and March.

As I hope you know, each month we are working to provide our clients the very best in customer service.
This past month many insurance carriers have started to use Credit Scoring to evaluate your insurance premium rate.

Pacific Reliance Insurance understands how this might impact the cost of your insurance.

Let me suggest that at every insurance renewal that you request several insurance companies review your insurance policy.
It makes good sense and is a good policy. We offer to review your insurance with no cost to you. That is our policy.

Our agents are knowledgeable and highly skilled to carefully compare your policy with the best insurance company offerings on the market today. Insurance companies are competitive if you know where they are competing.

During this year, if your insurance will need to me renewed, please call us and allow us to evaluate the best insurance options and coverage for you.

We specialize in many areas of insurance.  Auto and home are no problem.  See us for business and commercial insurance too.  We offer recreational, boat and RV insurance. Executive and luxury homes, and complicated properties are welcome too.

Many clients have saved money, obtained better insurance and win with just a few minutes of time to investigate what we do.

If your insurance is expiring soon, or if your rates are too high, call us soon.  Just getting started with a few minutes of your time is where it all begins. It is never too late to save your money. Is today a good day?

"The right coverage, the best value. That is our policy"™


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Insurance Renewal and a Special Offer about Credit Scoring with Safeco.

The best insurance is no accident™ It is always a good policy to review your insurance at each renewal period.

Things change. Insurance companies really do compete for your business. It is hard for the consumer who is applying online with Geico to compare their insurance quote with Safeco, Travelers, Progressive, and Nationwide, for example.

Rates change too.   While one insurance company has a small appetite for some types of insurance, another has a competitive rate.

Insurance companies are rolling in the use of credit scoring to evaluate your policy premium and the price you will pay.

Pacific Reliance Insurance is appointed with many insurance carriers.   This is a benefit for our clients.  We have a vested interest in the background of the insurance industry. Insurance companies actually apply with the state insurance commissioner to raise rates, change policy coverage and for many other reasons such as to use Credit Scoring to evaluate your policy rate.

Knowing something is about to happen is smart business.  Knowing which policy is the right policy is our business.

Like I always say, "The right coverage, the best value.  That is our policy"™

While most products are getting smaller, boxes are half filled, prices are going up but the metal can weighs eight ounces instead of twelve, we have not changed the size of our service.  We still offer the very same sized full service we always have.

No dial trees, never put on hold.  No chat bots or customer service in lands far away. We want to win your business and our business wins when you win.

Call us today.  How can we help you?


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"The right coverage, the best value. That is our policy."™

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