PRI business statement

Pacific Reliance Insurance selects the highest rated insurance companies with the very best competitive rates to assure the ultimate in customer satisfaction. Our Customers and clients receive the highest level of customer service the industry can offer. We trust that your customer service level will be unparalleled and you will enjoy generations of loyal service.

Chun Dotson BIO

Chun has been a leading insurance agent for many years. Her business background and professional experience within the insurance industry has made her a market leader in customer satisfaction and highly regarded as an insurance professional.

Chun's customer philosophy is simple; provide the highest quality of insurance product, negotiate the best possible rate for her clients and provide the highest in customer service. As an independent insurance agent Chun has access to the very best insurance companies as rated by Washington State's insurance commissioner. She hand selects the right insurance product to insure her clients have the maximum coverage at the best price point. Quality, rate and service, that's our policy.